Vertical Folding MEGADOOR


Vertical Folding MEGADOOR

Fold-up door design has many advantages over the traditional sliding door. The construction is made possible with the new blast-grade fabric material available as the door surface cover. This has been the trend for most new blast room construction done in modern marine construction shipyards.

Construction Features:  
Door Fabric Double layer heavy-duty vinyl coated fabric weighing at least 750g/m2 and shall carry 300N/5cm. It shall be UV-stabilised, fire self-extingushing and suitable for temp -35C to 70C.
Door Beams Web steel structures
Door Guides Extruded aluminium with suitable depth & width
Drive Unit Cable and hoisting drum with runaway safety control. Auto braking plates are installed on both sides of the door to prevent free fall of failed system.
Bottom Beam Truss box steel structure to carry the intermediate beams & door fabrics when the door is folded up.
Door Support Structures Heavy dutybox steel structures & cladding to be provided by owner with our recommended design/construction
Control Panel Weather-proof with user friendly controls
Door Opening Speed >6m/min

The door fabric & structures are fully compliance of building codes & the full door when closed can withstand a wind speed load of 60kg per Sq m.

The fabric material can be easily repaired by welding new fabric with existing ones. The repair kits can be purchased separately with the system. Our doors installed has so far exceeding 2 years in use and are still in good shapes.

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