Pre-assembly finishes in factory


Pre-assembly finishes in factory

Filter Bag Medias Options
Generally pulse jet system utilizes needle felt media while shaker system use woven clothes material. Medias are manufactured from a variety of manmade fibers and are selected based on a number of factors including: operating temperature, chemical components in the dust stream, abrasion of dust being handled, as well as other characteristic of the system.  A number of treatments are available to improve dust discharge on the cleaning cycle, improve the filter efficiency, to add flame retardant qualities and other specialized applications.

Industrial dust collectors commonly used in factories for ventilation and product recovery applications
Blasting Chemical Processing Fiber-Glass
Food Processing Laser & Plasma Cutting Mining
Paper Scrap Pharmaceutical Rubber Grinding
Seed Processing Solar Panel Fabrication Thermal/Flame Spray
Welding Wood-Working and more . . . .

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