Model T75 Tumbling-Blasting Machine


Model T75 Tumbling-Blasting Machine

A tumbling-blasting machine or in short Tumblast Machine, consist of an enclosed, endless conveyor belt, a centrifugal blast wheel, and an abrasive recycling system. These machines simultaneously tumble and blast the work pieces. As the conveyor moves, it gently tumbles the work and exposes all workpiece surfaces to the abrasive stream.

Tumblast machines are used for cleaning of unmachined castings, forgings, and weldments whose size, shape, and material permit them to be tumbled without damage.This machine is not used for cleaning of parts after machining, because tumbling damages machined surfaces. Tumbling blasting machine removes dry contaminants such as sand, rust, scale, and welding flux and provide surface preparation for enameling, rubber bonding, electroplating, or etching before tinning.

Tumblast machine can be integrated into automatic systems for high production rates. An example is the presort and tote box loader work handling system.

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