Metal Belt Apron Tumblast Machine


Metal Belt Apron Tumblast Machine

Heavy weight larger size work pieces blasting

Capabilities and applications
Tumble blast machine with rubber belt is ideal for mass-produced parts, which can be tumbled and will perfectly meet your requirements for batch cleaning, decoring, descaling, deflashing, deburring, and shot peening parts. They are mostly used for process ferrous and non-ferrous castings, forgings and heat treated parts.

The use of a rubber belt conveyor ensures a relatively gentle tumbling motion. Because clearances are kept small, it is also possible to blast extremely tiny work pieces.

Shot blasting machine type Q32 series can be integrated to a fully automatic process with addition of loading and unloading equipment. Tumble blast machines are built in size that can accept single fill / load from 200kg up to 1,350 kg.

How it works in a tumble blasting machine

Machine Features:

  • Automatic door optional;
  • Cabinet liner options utilizing cast manganese alloy materials;
  • Touch screen operator interface and integrated PLC optional;
  • High efficiency bag type dust collectors;
  • Two steps air wash separator;
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic loader optional;
  • Direct drive, spindle drive or variable speed abrasive wheels;
  • Commercially available parts and components;
  • Cast manganese steel belt available on steel belt versions;
  • Modular design allows for simple assembly of the equipment on site.

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