WBM RH250 Blasting Machine


WBM RH250 Blasting Machine

Work Type

  • Gear Pinion of various size or other parts Pinion up for 20mm diameter x 150mm long Or Maximum envelop size 250D x 600L x 50kg

Batch Production:

  • Gear holder cage x 4 levels = 80 pcs per batch Or 1 to 3 levels holder design

Average Production Rate to achieve SA 2.5 Std:

  • 15 mins blast cleaning time per batch
  • 5 minutes switch over time
  • Total 20 mins per 80 pcs production

This blast cleaning machine is custom designed for cleaning darken gear pinion surface due to heat treatment process, using fine steel shot abrasive only, complete with abrasive recovery, ventilation ducted outlet & batch production hangers. Dust collector, size 1000CFM is an optional supply either from us or by others.

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