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FBE & 3LPP Coating System on Pipeline Long Elbows

Fusion Bonded Epoxy and 3 Layer Polypropylene/Polyethylene Coating 

Work size up to 9m length x 2m high x 1.5m wide x 6 tons in weight
Long pipe bends and fittings coating line includes the process of material handling through a blasting process for surface preparation, oven heat up to 250 degree C and finally applying powder of multiple spraying. Anti-corrosion coating applicable here is Fusion Bonded Epoxy and 3 layers polyethylene/polypropylene.

Shown here is the system specially designed and constructed on turnkey basis for Petro Vietnam (PVID)
The pictures showing monorail hanger conveyor at loading bay lifting up long radius pipe bend conveying through three main equipments; namely a blasting room, an oven and a powder coating booth.
In current practice there are three common anti-corrosion methods used on petro-chemical pipeline, including the Asphalt Enamel (AE) coating, FBE and 3LPE/PP methods. AE method has not been used in developed countries for AE is dependent on oil price since the coating material is a petroleum product. Besides having adverse impact on the environment, AE has the higher cost of implementation and maintenance while life span of AE pipes is shorter than those in other advanced coating methods.

Powder spray booth is immediately after the heat up oven and the final result is the 3LPP coated finish
WEBLAST was engaged in consultation for the turnkey construction of this coating plant, beginning in July 2011 and completely installed and commissioned in Nov 2011. Among other equipment installed are,
  • The ground handling bogie for the blast cleaning process
  • A fully equipped full floor recovery blast room installed with 2 blast guns and dust collector systems
  • A gas fired recirculation oven capable of heating up to 250 Deg C with even temperature control
  • A main burner system with uniform air circulation duct works and LPG gas piping
  • Two units of twin guns powder spray equipment are used for the spray booth
  • Other equipments are the compressed air system, powder recovery cyclone collector and dust collector installed with safe explosion vent precaution.

High Production Speed Blasting of Heavy Cast Steel Products
Application of Casted Parts
  • Equipment for mining
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Valves and pumps
  • Railway manufacturing
Production speed is a concern of most manufacturers for the main reason of cost saving and making more profits. Actually most manufacturers think blasting is a simple process and hence should be fast. Imagine the difficulty of a request to design and build a machine that is to blast work pieces of a man’s height but weigh at 2 tons each – and do it at 3 minutes production through put continuously!
Well, that’s the real life of people in the steel products industry, hard work and not much of earning in a centuries old competitive sector. This is it below,


Like what WEBLAST did in the earlier years, engineers are more interested in the design and be able to build something better for their own application. We are sharing a part of it here for you who like it.

From left to right – the front view – dust collector and the side view

The plan view

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