Steel Or Concrete Floor Blast Machine

Floor Blast Machine

Concrete road and steel plated floor shot blasting machine is a cost-effective and environment friendly method for preparing concrete and steel surfaces. It is widely used in developed countries for its easy operation and high productivity. The shot blasting machine leaves the surface immediately ready for application of coatings or overlays-eliminating while other traditional preparations methods need long drying time and costly disposal procedures. Shot blasting is the preferred method of surface preparation, recommended by most coating manufactures and workers. It produces excellent bonding characteristic that reduce coating failure and maximum floor service life.
Blasting a steel bridge metal floor before coating Blasting of concrete floor


Product Features:

  • Environmental Protection: all the dust from the processing surface is all removed by the dust collector.
  • Energy saving: all the steel grits can be recycled and the consumption rate is low, so you don't need to purchase steel grits often.
  • Safety: the machine is easy to operate and the specific design protects operators from injury.
  • High efficiency: the cleaning speed can be adjusted according to your specific requirements
  • Easy operation: the machine is manufactured based on practical experience and we can also arrange technical personnel to train the workers.