Special - Shot Peening, Stress Relieving, Marble Texture, etc

WEBLAST builds machine to meet unusual requests.

A Contractor’s Machine

A painting contractor will always want to have a machine that is portable and can blast as many type of shapes as possible. So, how do you blast large steel plate and steel sections of many sizes with a machine that does not require a floor pit construction, and can be installed practically any fabrication sites.

This is one of its kind machines that is uncommon. It handles steel plate of 2.5m wide x 12m length x a thickness of up to 32mm at such incline position. The handling is fast for complete two sides blast cleaning, subsequently unload for painting works to be carried out.

Machine for Creation of Architectural Texture

This is a way of creating architectural finish on marble slab surfaces with a blasting machine.

Small Fabrication Material Blaster

This machine is low cost, small in size but useful for small scale fabrication shop that need to handle steel material such as Channels, Angles, Flat Bars etc, and fabricated parts of certain shapes.

Ductile Iron Pipe Blasting, Internal and External

WEBLAST developed an integrated blasting machine for a ductile iron pipe manufacturer to handle production of internal surface blasting, as well as external pipe surface blasting that handles pipe sizes from small as 6” diameter to as big as 1.2m diameter. The difficulty to resolve is the pipe spigot that makes conveying system complicated.

Shot Peening of Heat Treated Parts and Spring Products

Shot peening is a process for cleaning of surfaces without creating surface profile to the extend damaging the tolerances in accuracy of the parts concerned. The process is also a way to carry out stress relieving of metal surfaces after heat treatment, forming, etc.

WEBLAST designs and builds machine to suit your production requirement