Monorail Hanger Blasting Machine

Spinner Hanger Monorail Blasting Machine
Capabilities and applications
Spinner hanger blast machines are flexible types of blasting equipment. They are used to remove rust, scale, sand and burrs from many kinds of work pieces, heavy works or fragile and sensitive parts that cannot be tumbled in bulk loads.
Hanger type blasting machines are also used for the finish blasting of sensitive work pieces or to roughen work piece surfaces for subsequent coating.
Work pieces weight can be from 1kg to 10,000 kg. Work pieces can be small, simple castings, fabricated, or complex, heavy and large parts.
Treated work pieces are hanged individually or in a cluster on the hook and transported into the blasting chamber via I, Y or circular closed loop conveyor.
Spinner hangers present work pieces on rotating hooks which spin in front of the high efficiency blast wheels, which provides the best possible uniform blasting result.
To connect with following process like coating and drying, a continuous feed spinner hanger blasting machine with monorail conveyor will be needed.

General Applications

Y-type monorail hanger overhead handling

Single straight rail type monorail hanger overhead handling

Heavy Duty Applications

Continuous Loop type monorail hanger overhead handling

Continuous Loop type monorail hanger overhead handling

Features and Advantages
  • The spinner hanger type shot blasting machine is very versatile unit, and its compact design requires minimum floor space.
  • Hanger-type blast machines are offered either for batch or continuous processing connected to following coating and drying.
  • Hanger type blasting is the best blast cleaning method for many work pieces that can't be tumbled.
  • Control system can be touch screen operator interface and integrated PLC optional or manual control operation
  • The blasting chamber is protected by wear-resistant manganese steel liner.
  • Rubber sealing device is mounted on top of the chamber to minimize escape of abrasive and dust flying out from the blasting chamber.

ITEM   /  MODEL MR376 MR378 MR3710 MR3720 MR3730
Work piece diameter 700mm 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm 1800mm
Work piece height 1000mm 1500mm 1800mm 2200mm 2300mm
Turbine quantity 2 2 2 3 3/4
Turbine motor power 7.5 kw 7.5 kw/ 11kw 11/15kw 11kw/15kw 15/kw
Cleaning time 5-10 minutes 5-10 minutes 5-10 minutes 10-15 mintes 10-15 minutes
Foundation no pit no pit no pit need pit need pit
Total power about 22 kw about 35 kw about 47 kw about 67 kw about 74 kw
Abrasive used S280, S330 S280, S330 S280, S330 S330,S390 S330,S390
Dust collector Cartridge type Cartridge type Cartridge type Cartridge type Cartridge type 

Monorail Hanger Machine for Plate Material Blasting

Imagine the need to blast a large amount of steel plates at an open site for fuel storage tank construction. WEBLAST builds a special category of machine for portable site blasting job.

Project Reference on Hanger Type Blasting Machines 

Shipping containers fabrication plant in Manila year 1983 – Director’s portfolio WEBLAST first tank farm plate blasting project in year 1994
A manufacturer of national grid power supply transformers Handling steel plates size up to 4m wide x 12m long
A contractor providing blasting and coating services Handling steel plates size up to 3.1m wide x 12m length
Pipe fittings production plant Special machine for tank farm construction
Road construction machineries manufacturing plant Refer to PDF file below  WBM5-03-CMR6D9H.jpg


References for downloads

WBM5-00.jpg General description on monorail hanger blasting machines
WBM5-03-CMR6D9H.jpg Continuous high production machine for heavy works handling
WBM5-11-Sakai.jpg Large work piece hanger blasting