Machine Spare Parts

Blast Wheels

Wheel Diameter Sizes Motor kW
280mm 4
340mm 7.5
400mm 11, 15
500mm 22


Blast Wheel Parts

Castings Side Liner
End Liner Top Liner
Runner Head Blade Cage
Impeller Blade
Control Tube Wheel Motors
Feed Chute Wheel Housing


Rotary Brush

  1. OD 900mm; 
    • If you need it to be 800mm, trim the bristle shorter.
  2. ID 102mm; 
    • The spinner shaft for the brush mounting is 102mm.
  3. Sectional size 500 wide;
    • Join several sections and cut the last part to get the exact length you need


Cabinet Liner 

Liner parts are cut with manganese plate 6t, 8t or 10t
Fastener cap M12 nut is cast high chrome steel material
Sizes to cut as per each cabinet lining design


Machine Components

Recovery Screw Elevator Bucket
Elevator Belts Seals