Roller Conveyor Section Blasting Machine

Roller conveyor shot blasting machine is designed for removing mill scale, paint and rust from beams, steel plates and any steel sections. Another application is to blast cleaning complex equipment frames or welded steel structures.
This type blasting machine has an entry chamber, blasting chamber and the cleaning chamber. The work pieces will pass through the three chambers continuously on a roller conveyor. The conveyor speed can be adjusted by a frequency inverter from 0.5m/min to 4m/min. Roller length depends on the work pieces maximum length.

The quantity and arrangement of the blast turbine wheels and passage ways is adapted to the envelope size of the work pieces. Blasting wheels are made from wear-resistant materials with power from 4 to 45 kW, providing efficient shot blasting.
Optional rotary brushes and blow off nozzles are installed in the cleaning chamber to remove the dust on parts surface before exit the machine.
The roller conveyor blasting machine can be built into a whole processing line, including automatic loading, blasting, painting and drying for materials such as steel plate or straight sections.
Highly efficient cartridge type dust collector is used to keep the environment clean, which makes sure the dust emission is lower than 30mg/m3.
Construction Features
  1. The roller conveyor shot blasting machine is compact design and it can be designed with pit or without pit.
  2. Fully tailor made blasting machine according to work piece shape and productivity requirement.
  3. Roller conveyor speed adjustable from 0.5m/min to 4m/min.
  4. Control can be of touch screen interface and integrated with PLC, selection for automatic mode or manual mode;
  5. The blasting chamber is protected by wear-resistant manganese steel liner, normally last for between 5000 to 15000 hours of blasting.
  6. A combination of rubber curtains and polycarbonate fingers keep the abrasive inside the blasting machine in entry chamber and exit cleaning chamber.
  7. Rotary brush and high-pressure blowing fan remove the remaining abrasive and dust from work pieces before it exits the shot blasting machine.



Work piece width <600mm <1000mm <1300mm <1900mm <2500mm <3100mm
Work piece height <1000mm <2500mm <1600mm <1500mm <1200mm <1200mm
Work piece length 1-12m 1-12m 1-12m 1-12m 1-12m 1-12m
Turbine quantity 2-4 4-8 6-8 6-8 6-10 8-10
Turbine power 4–7.5kw 11kw 11kw 11-15kw 11-15kw 11-15kw
Roller length Both entry and exit 6m to12m long conveyor to suit requirement
Foundation Clean concrete floor with pit or without pit to suit material conveying height
Full load power 15-50kw 60-120kw 90-130kw 120-150kw 120-180kw 150-180kw


Blasting Machine Built to Last for Many Years

Reference Model H5280 roller conveyor shot blasting machine built since year 2000 and is presently installed in WEBLAST factory for internal production blasting.

Above picture taken in year 2013

Shown in the following paragraphs are pictures of the same machine mobilized to several other production sites.

This machine is a portable unit that can handle material size of 600mm high x 1.5m wide x 12m long.


This machine was initially planned to provide blasting services and has first been installed in a client’s blasting service yard located in Meru Klang. It is more than 20 years now since it was first put under production blasting.
Well designed equipment, regular maintenance service, repair where necessary & use of durable spare parts are the keys to a machine of long production life.
New Machine Specifications:    Year 2000
Number of blast wheels    - 4 x 11kw
Roller conveyor length     - 12 m long both sides
Dust collector Model       - DF8-7.5kw
Total operation power     - 120kva < 110Amp
Year 2004 Machine was mobilized to a construction site located in Tanjung Bin for a project fabrication works. It was producing > 100,000 m2 of blasting in the same year.
Year 2006 Machine was mobilized as a stand in unit to a client in Pasir Gudang


The machine has catered to customers who purchased new unit but required a machine immediately for blasting production before new machine is delivered.
Year 2016 It was mobilized to a client’s site located in Bandar Tech Kajang. It was freshly painted in green.
It is used mainly for WEBLAST internal production requirement in factory. However, when there is special request we will arrange for rental to client.
Year 2021 A client in Tapah Perak required a machine to begin production blasting before the new machine purchased is ready. It was freshly painted in blue and appears well maintained.

Projects Reference on Roller Conveyor Type Sections Shot Blasting Machines 

1990 1994
1996 1997
1998 2002
2008 2009
2013 2014
2016 2018


Other reference for downloads

WBM1-00.pdf General brochure on roll-con type machines
H5480-Perspective.pdf A compact machine sized for materials fit into 1.5mW x 1.2mH space
CatWt42SmalRolCon.pdf A machine built for marble slab surface texture creation
2000to2020Wt15.pdf Reference of a machine built to last for 20 years